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The DJ School is an intensive course held at a private studio location. This course is comprised of specialist modules covering the various essential aspects of DJ training. All classes are taught by experienced Disc Jockeys who work in some of America’s top clubs and venues.

The DJ School introductory course runs over five consecutive days (classes fall between 10am and 6pm each day). No experience is needed to partake in this course and all equipment is supplied. We accept students from 16 years upwards, but will make exceptions with proper parental involvement.

Syllabus Details

Course Syllabus

Level One

Introduction To Basics: Setting Up Equipment; Terminology; Wiring & Leads; Fuses; Equipment Types; Balancing Audio Levels; Trouble-Shooting

Level Two

Music Programming
Section 1:
 Technical Skills

Level Three

Introduction To DJ Software

Music Programming – Section 2: Intensive Music Knowledge; Programming The Night’s Music; Music Genres; Trigger Songs; Songs Never To Play; Reading The Dance Floor/Pub

Level Four

Music Mixing – Phase 1: Basic Hands-On Mixing Skills Including Chop-Mixing, Fading and Beat-Mixing. Experience on Both CD & Laptop

Voice & Microphone Training

Level Five Pt. 1

Music Mixing Phase 2: Hands-On Mixing Skills Including Chop-Mixing, Fading & Beat-Mixing. (Additional skills and practice sessions)

Business Skills Overview: Business Cards, Basic Accounts & Tax, Curriculum Vitae, Insurance, Dealing with Contacts, Punctuality, Legal Music & Royalties, Dealing with Problem Clients, Attracting Work, Dress Code, Advertising & Marketing Yourself

Level Five Pt. 2

Crowd Control: Reading the Dance Floor & Guests’ Body Language

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